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Lottery Masters is creating the following privacy policy with the intent of informing you about how personal details and sensitive data are handled, used, and protected by the website. You will also get a detailed account of the types of information being collected to ensure an optimal online experience.

The stipulation in this privacy policy pertains to the personal information that is being processed by Lottery Masters. Privacy Policy: Introduction

The Lottery Masters privacy policy details all of how personal information is being collected during the visiting website experience, as well as the safeguards we have in place to ensure its security and integrity.

To align with GDPR requirements, we define personal information processing as the collection, storage, use, and transfer of personal data once it is shared with us or collected in some of the ways outlined in the sections below.

Please go through the entire privacy policy to make sure that you agree with our processing methodology. If you disagree with any of the stipulations outlined in this document, you are free to leave the Lottery Masters at any time.

Lottery Masters is fully committed to protecting the safety and integrity of your personal information. All of our website visitors have the right to understand what types of personal data we collect and how it is being handled.

Our privacy policies are in complete accordance with GDPR and other relevant international data protection regulations. We are obliged by law to make sure you understand your rights and your obligations, especially when it comes to how your data is being processed.

Please understand the fact that we will never share, transfer, reveal, or sell personal details to any third party. If an exception to this rule is valid, it will be listed in the subsequent sections of the privacy policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Depending on regulations and changes to relevant laws, we may have to change or update the privacy policy periodically. Please go through the document every once in a while to make sure you’re familiar with its latest version and that you agree with the stipulations.

Types of Information We Process

The types of information we may process when you visit Lottery Masters include the following:

  • Contact details and your name
  • Information about your birth date, age, gender
  • Nationality data
  • Marketing data
  • The information delivered by third parties
  • All kinds of information that you decide to share when you fill out our contact form or leave a comment on the website

Reasons for the Processing of Such Personal Information

Here are the primary reasons why we need to process the kinds mentioned above of personal information:

  • To verify your identity
  • To ensure optimal website security
  • To give you suggestions for the more relevant content
  • To ensure compliance with all requirements set forward by legal entities

All such kinds of data are stored within the Lottery Masters database. We use this information to provide content and ensure the quality of the services that our website visitors receive. We always follow governmental requirements for the collection and the processing of data for those purposes.

Sources of Personal Data

Personal data can be collected in one or more of the following ways:

  • Whenever you fill out our online form to contact the Lottery Masters team
  • The information you upload to the website as a part of a comment or a forum discussion
  • The information that gets generated every time you explore content on the website

This information is needed to improve content and service quality. The information, however, is not personally identifiable.

Personal Information Sharing with Third Parties and Agencies

Lottery Masters will not share the information collected in the ways mentioned above with a third party.

Keep in mind, however, that using our website to publish a comment or participate in our forum makes the information you upload visible in the public domain. Other website visitors can view this information and engage with it. You acknowledge the fact that when you publish content on our website, you are the sole party responsible for its safeguarding.

If you ever find yourself in a situation that calls for the removal of comments and publications you’ve made on our website, please get in touch with the Lottery Masters team. We will review your request, but we are not obliged to make the amendments you want or delete the information that you have shared publicly.

As far as personal information sharing goes, we may be obliged to share some details with legislative bodies as a part of an inspection, an audit, or a legal proceeding.

Website Content Policy

Lottery Masters is a public domain website. This means every single website visitor is entitled to publish comments, participating in discussions, and viewing the information being shared by other visitors.

Our team will take great care to monitor and moderate posts. Publications that contain derogatory, defamatory, offensive, or otherwise damaging content will be deleted. Keep in mind, however, that we are not obliged to take down comments and publications that you disagree with.

If you believe that any offensive or derogatory comment is published on Lottery Masters, please get in touch with us via the contact form. We will take a look, moderate, and undertake the necessary action as soon as possible.

Withdrawal of Consent for the Sharing of Personal Data

By reading the privacy policy and using the website, you provide us with your consent to process personal information.

You have the right to view the types of personal information that we collect about you. Send us a note if you’d wish to learn more about the personal details that we process.

If you also wish to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal information, you should once again get in touch with Lottery Masters. Cookie Policy

Each time you visit a website through your online browser, a small file called a cookie is generated and stored on your device. The cookie aims to speed up website loading, offer personalization, and ensure the provision of relevant content/optimal visitor experience.

Every single cookie has a duration, after which it will be removed from your device. If you wish to, you can “clean” cookies manually and remove them beforehand. You can find a lot of information and step-by-step guides on deleting cookies online.

Lottery Masters uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To track the way our website is being used
  • To see if displayed messages have been seen and read during your website visit
  • To maintain the information you’ve submitted to us via polls and the contact form, for example

Some other types of information that will be generated during the visiting the website could focus on your location, IP address, and the OS you’re working from. Such information about your system and software you’re using will be needed to make browsing optimal.

Third-Party Advertising and Lottery Masters Content

Occasionally, Lottery Masters can run content-based and marketing campaigns involving third parties. Hence, some kinds of information about website visitors may be connected to facilitate and optimize the execution of the campaign.

To collect such personal information, we will use cookies. The information, however, is not going to be personally-identifiable. We always adhere to our safety protocols, regardless of campaign specifics.

Site Visitors from Outside of the European Union

Lottery Masters is not hosted in a country within the European Union. Still, we will need to process personal information from website visitors from within the EU. As per current personal data protection regulations, the information generated from within the EU can still be processed by an entity outside of the Union.

We fully comply with GDPR requirements for the protection of such data.

Personal Data Retention

To ensure the highest possible quality of website content and services, we have to retain personal information for a specific period.

The personal data that we store has to be maintained to comply with relevant laws. We have to keep the information within the database to defend ourselves or make a claim in the case of legal proceedings.

Your Rights Under Personal Data Protection Laws and Regulations

In May 2018, the GDPR became effective to protect personal data and provide stipulations for how it is going to be processed. As per GDPR clauses, all website visitors have certain rights whenever they visit websites and browse content.

The rights of website visitors under GDPR include the following:

  • The right to know exactly how your personal information is going to be processed
  • The right to have your personal information corrected and removed from the website database upon request
  • The right to object to how personal information is being processed
  • The right to limit the amount of personal information that the respective website can process about you
  • The right to request all of your personal information stored within the website’s database
  • The right to be forgotten
  • The right to move or to copy the personal information the website processes

If at any time you wish to exercise these rights, please contact the Lottery Masters team through our online form. We will be more than happy to oblige.

We are also available to discuss specific aspects of the privacy policy or address any questions or concerns you may have about it.

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