This article is intended to benefit those who want to buy Euromillions lottery tickets online and attempt to win their share of some of the riches prize funds generated in the lottery world. Most people who pay attention to these sort of things will undoubtedly know Euromillions, whether or not they buy tickets and pay it regularly. Just in case some readers are not up to speed, let me give some basic information.


As the name strongly implies, the Euromillions lottery is European in origin and operated in a total of nine different countries spread across the continent. That of course means that the inhabitants of these countries can buy Euromillions lottery tickets over the counter in their respective homeland, and tourists can of course grab a ticket when passing through. The rest of us however have to look elsewhere in for buying Euromillions lottery tickets. There was a time when we were simply locked behind the borders we lived within but the internet has revolutionized lottery play completely, you can buy Euromillions lottery tickets online, pretty much regardless of where in the world you live.


But why buy lottery tickets for Euromillions online? Well, as already mentioned there are those of us who have no other option for making lottery ticket purchases. Furthermore there are actually several benefits for those of us who chose to buy our lottery tickets on the internet. I am pretty sure all of us have experienced waiting in line to buy a ticket for some big jackpot lottery draw. It is not really a prime example of how I like to spend my free time. Now I just make a cup of coffee and sit down in front of the computer at home, calm and collected and I can buy my ticket whenever it suits me, if its slow at work I sometimes do it from there. Not only is it quick and convenient but I also have access to a multitude of online tools if I feel like using number generators or even buy a syndicate ticket.


When you buy Euromillions lottery tickets online you open up an account with a company which specializes in providing such services. The account is free and it gives you the option of buying tickets for various lotteries, including the European Euromillions. The ticket agent handles everything regarding your ticket purchases, all you have to do is provide the numbers you want to enter and specify which lottery you wish to buy tickets for of course. The requested number of ticket is then purchased on your behalf and the agent handles all receipts and keeps your lottery tickets safe. This is a big plus for me, how many times have you heard about people loosing a winning lottery ticket they bought? The fact is that this happens way too often.


I hope this article helps you reach a decision. If you decide to buy Euromillions lottery tickets online and play for that jackpot prize of dreams then I of course wish you the very best of luck. You‘re never going to get there unless you try and to elaborate further, you will never win the lottery if you don‘t buy the ticket!




Do you want to win the lottery and to increase your chances of winning the lottery? Then, join a lottery syndicate. So how do you actually increase your chances of winning the lottery – simple – join a lottery syndicate! Why do lottery syndicates win more often? That is an easy answer; because they buy more tickets! A lottery syndicate is basically a group of people who have pooled their lottery playing resources to increase their chances of winning the lottery. The winnings are then shared equally throughout the syndicate.

Generally, most individual lottery players buy only a few combinations for each draw. However, lottery syndicates buy 50, or 100 combinations, which means 50 or 100 times better chances of winning! So instead of ten people all buying 10 tickets all for themselves, lottery syndicates actually got ten people sharing 100 tickets – same stake – much better chances for all – now that is a plan! However, setting up a lottery syndicate is not that easy. It can be a real pain – you will need to get a whole bunch of friends, neighbors, work colleagues together who must all agree to pay in a set amount of money each week to buy the lottery tickets, you will need some kind of legal agreement to safeguard each members interests and you will need someone to handle the administration. Managing a syndicate is a thankless task that involves far more work than you would ever think! In addition, you must hope that the lottery buyer does not get sick or forgets to even buy the lottery tickets.

So why not make things nice and simple for yourself by joining a lottery syndicate on where you can safely and securely play many of the world’s biggest and richest syndicate lotteries online without the hassle of setting up and running a private lottery syndicate; but with all the buying power advantages provided by syndicate membership. When playing one of the lottery syndicates found on you simply choose the syndicate you want to play, decide how many shares you wish to purchase, input your details and payment information and sit back and enjoy the ride – you will never lose a ticket, never miss a draw and you are guaranteed to receive your share of prizes whenever you win! That is more than can be said about some private lottery syndicates!

Most people dream of winning a lottery and having never to worry about money again. Recently, for example, the European prize draw has paid out hundreds of millions to a few lucky winners and it is very noticeable that the purchase of lottery tickets increases considerably as the jackpot total increases.

But have you really thought about how suddenly winning a huge amount of money would affect your life? In the past lottery winners have found the experience difficult, often painful, but fortunately lottery administrators, such as the British National Lottery company, Camelot, have experienced advisors available to new winners.

If you do win a lottery jackpot double-check your ticket first. There have been several instances recently where players have thought they have won only to find their ticket was for a different week! Put the ticket in a secure place (that you can find again) and ring the lottery administrators as soon as you can.

Perhaps the most vexed question facing a winner of a lottery jackpot is whether to go public or not. Revealing your luck to the world can be dangerous as you then attract people wanting a part of your good fortune and rifts can build between you and your family and friends. The lottery companies will advise you. Winners in the Far East and Israel have solved the problem by wearing masks at press conferences.

One of the most important move is to get the services of a good financial advisor. Handling a large amount of money is daunting to the ordinary person and it is worth making the most of the opportunities it presents. You may consider leaving your job but you need to understand what that involves and how you will live afterwards.

The key is to have fun however. Advisors to the UK lottery draw tell their winners to take a holiday and get used to their changed circumstances. Many lucky lottery players have done a lot of good with their money but it is worth having a bit of fun and treating yourself too.

Winning a lottery can be a great experience, as long as you ensure you make the most of it. I hope you will be able to put this advice into practice very soon.

Guest post by Keith Braithwaite
Keith Braithwaite writes articles on the latest lottery news and results on the website

Do you want to win millions by participating from one of the biggest US lotteries? Don’t wait any longer! Play at the most popular and amazing multi- state lottery in the US: MEGAMILLIONS! Every Tuesday and Friday at 11 PM- Eastern time- fascinating jackpots can be yours. The most appealing ones start at 12 million dollars rolling over every week if there are no winners.

All games of lottery are games of chance in which numbers are chosen at random, but there are a few tips and strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning a prize and help you pick your numbers with confidence.

It makes sense that buying a large number of tickets might increase your chances of picking lucky winning numbers. Your odds of winning for that particular draw do indeed increase the more tickets you buy for the draw. So when the Mega Millions jackpots get rolled over and the jackpot fund swells, it might be a good idea to invest in more tickets to make your chances of winning a little bit better.

But buying a lot of lottery tickets can be very expensive. You might want to consider pooling money together from friends and family, colleagues or neighbors, in order to be able to buy more tickets and have a better chance of winning a prize. Make sure that if you buy tickets in a group these are people that you can trust and that you would be happy sharing the prize money with. No lottery win is worth losing a friendship or ruining a relationship. Of course, you could join a Mega Millions syndicate at and increase your chance of winning while reducing your expense of buying tickets for this US multi state lottery.

In an attempt not to share your prize with other players – players that you did not buy your lottery tickets with, try to avoid number patterns that are obvious. For example, choosing a series of numbers in which each number is greater than the previous one by the same amount, or creating a geometrical pattern on the ticket such as a triangle or a square. These patterns are very popular and will decrease the amount of your prize.

Instead of making pretty patterns on your lottery form, try choosing improbable sets of numbers. Remember that a lot of people use lucky dates as lucky numbers, that means that they have no number higher than 31. Make sure you spread out the numbers that you pick (from the top and the bottom of the range), make sure there is a mix of odd and even numbers. Most importantly, stay positive and believe that a positive outlook can change your outcome of the game.

Boy, are you in for a real treat today. I’m about to disclose to you exactly how many lottery tickets you need to buy to guarantee winning the jackpot. Did you hear that? Guaranteed to win! I’m sure you’re interested in finding out how to win the lottery. After all, I’m sure you want to achieve financial independence, don’t you? And what better way to achieve financial independence, than to instantly win millions in the lottery, right? Right!

So, here it is. To guarantee winning the lottery, you will need to buy this many tickets… OK, not so fast. I can’t just give you the answer right off the bat. I want to first tell you a little story.

My Lottery Experiment

This story is a true story. It’s a story about me. I wanted to try a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could win the lottery by buying 1000 tickets (I really did do this; it’s all documented on my lottery blog). That’s 1000 tickets at a dollar apiece. Can you do the math? How much did this experiment cost me? Is your answer $1000? Argh, no! Buying 1000 lottery tickets at $1 apiece does not cost $1000. Are you not a knowledgeable lottery player? If you were, you would have known that a certain percentage of lottery proceeds get paid back out as prizes.

So my initial outlay for the 1000 lottery tickets was $1000. However, I knew that at least some of that initial outlay would be paid back out in prizes. If you know anything about the law of large numbers, you know that it would be virtually impossible to buy 1000 lottery tickets and not win a prize. So, the question was, how much would I win? To get the answer, I had to look at the prize odds and payouts. The actual game that I played doesn’t matter, just the prizes and odds do. Here they are:

Prizes And Odds For my Experiment

  • Match 6 numbers for the jackpot: Odds are 1-in-4,072,530
  • Match 5 numbers plus bonus for a prize of $16,000: Odds are 1-in-678,755
  • Match 5 numbers for a prize of $635: Odds are 1-in-17,862
  • Match 4 numbers for a prize of $28: Odds are 1-in-366
  • Match 3 numbers for a prize of $5 Odds are 1-in-22.5

My Expectations

I won’t explain the math, but I could tell you that with 1000 tickets, I expected to match 4 numbers to win $28 on 2.73 tickets and I expected to match 3 numbers to win $5 on 44.44 tickets. That would give me a total of $296.44 worth of wins. If my expectations were to hold true, my lottery experiment would cost me $703.56 (Not $1000, like you originally thought).

I could also tell you that, even with 1000, I didn’t expect to win the jackpot (I did hope to win it, though). With 1000 tickets, my odds of winning the jackpot were 1-in-4072. Although better than they would have been with just one ticket, those were still bad odds. My odds of winning the second prize of $16,000 were 1-in-679. Still not likely to win that. My odds of winning the third prize of $635 were 1-in-17.9. Those were decent odds; even still, I didn’t expect to win it.

The Result

So what did I win? I matched 4 numbers on two tickets. I also matched 3 numbers on 43 tickets. That gave me total winnings of $271.60. That means that my experiment cost me $728.40. Do you see what happened? Those numbers almost exactly met my expectations prior to the experiment. Why? Because the more lottery tickets you buy, the more likely you are to regress to the mean, meaning that you will win what you are expected to win in the long-run.

You Alway Lose In The Long-Run (Almost Always)

The whole point of this is that, the more lottery tickets you buy, the more you are expected to lose. That will be the case for 99% of people – Guaranteed. Buying lottery tickets, if you don’t go overboard on your spending, is a fun way to have some fun with your entertainment budget, though. But you shouldn’t expect to win. The odds are against you. After all, I did show you how I lost $728.40 after buying 1000 tickets in one draw, right?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t play the lottery, though. I love the lottery and play it all the time. Just don’t expect to get rich overnight.

Winning The Lottery – Guaranteed

So back to the original question: How many lottery tickets do you need to buy to guarantee winning the jackpot? Well, what’s your favorite game? Powerball? Well, Powerball has 175,223,510 different combinations of numbers that could come up. So, you need to buy just over 175 million tickets to guarantee a win. None of the other lotteries are much easier either. Disappointed? Sorry!

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Playing the Super Enalotto

Do you believe in the four clovers determining your fate? Then the four-clover lotto game AKA the super Enalotto is the game to play. The super Enalotto offers one of the largest jackpot prizes offered in Europe. The draw for the super Enalotto game is held thrice every week; on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In order for you to be in the draw for the jackpot, you only have to purchase the two Euro ticket.

The Super Enalotto player picks six numbers from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 90. Identical to other world lottery, the Super Enalotto prize won depends on the numbers that the player manages to match with the winning numbers.

The super Enalotto has unique guidelines on the drawing of the winning numbers. Unlike other lotteries where the winning numbers are drawn from one draw, six Italian cities each contribute a number that will feature in the draw. The city of Venice provides the lucky or jolly number used in determining the player taking home the jackpot.

The super Enalotto also has a superstar number. Players have to part with an extra Euro for them to play the superstar number. Playing the superstar numbers gives the player to win more in the Super Enalotto. If the super star number also appears in the main winning numbers, the prize won increases by almost one hundred times.

From the above details, the Super Enalotto seems to be one fun lottery to play. However, there is a catch to this. The Super Enalotto has some very low odds of players winning the jackpot. Numerically speaking, the chances of a Super Enalotto player hitting the jackpot stand at 1: 622,614,630! Therefore, to win the Super Enalotto you have to be super lucky.

However, the odds of matching six of the numbers are a bit favorable as they stand at 1: 327. The Super Enalotto jackpot has amounted to up to 70 million Euros and this may be a reason for the popularity behind it. Play the super Enalotto lottery today and test your luck.

European Lottery

Lottery first was launched as early as 187 BC in China. In Europe it was initiated by the Romans, as a form of handing over gifts thus ensuring everyone had some gift when they left an invitation. Nowadays, European lotteries are primarily held online. Some of the leading European lottery giants are:

Euromillions, lottery based out of the UK, played on every Tuesday and Friday, with jackpots of up to $185 million and more.

The UK National Lottery with stakes up to $40 million

The Irish Lottery with stakes up to $18.9 million

The Italian lottery -superenalotto – with jackpots of more the 50 mil euros.

A European online lottery will be taken to greater heights in the years in more than twenty European countries. The European lottery will have a weekly jackpot of 10 million euros going up to 90 million euros and even more. The chance of winning this Euro lottery is pretty bleak though due to probability ratios. The best European online lottery, Euromillions includes all the big European countries. Recently, a family bought UK euro lottery tickets, to win around 100 million pounds from the Euromillions draw.

A recent survey showed most Europeans were interested to win the Euro lottery. Albania was the only country who is not interested in euro lottery results since they do not have any lottery. In fact the UK National lottery recently topped the chart of all lotteries worldwide on the basis of ticket sales. A unique feature of this lottery is that despite being a government body, this is administered by a private firm. UK lottery tickets received a boost from the high profile nature of the UK gambling industry.

Ticket sales per week amounted to around $86 million. UK lottery sales increased further by the introduction of Wednesday draws. It upped the sales volume by around 30%. Underage children were also involved in the UK lottery. This is despite the fact that children below 16 years of age were not allowed to play. Lottery UK sales were boosted by children between age 11-15 buying tickets. This was reported by The Sunday Mirror newspaper. Television played a key role in influencing children to buy a lottery ticket.

The European lottery is different from American Powerball lottery not only in terms of taxation, but also in terms of payout of lotteries. In the US, the winnings are generally paid in parts whereas the euro lottery prize is paid off immediately. Again in US, taxes are deducted on winnings but the euro lottery prize is free of tax. However, the government has levied taxes on the lotteries. Another unique feature in the euro lottery UK is the division of costs, profits, winnings between the government and a private organization. The government also imposes VAT on ticketing, in spite of getting a share of the pie. The government gets to keep a fairly large share of around 40% of gate sales.

Euro Millions, which account for one of the largest euro lottery numbers has a minimum euro lottery prize of €15 million. The largest jackpot, of around US$260 million went to a Scottish couple. This is one of Europe’s prize euro lottery games. A few years back, a housewife from Ireland got euro lottery results worth €115,436,126, when she crunched lottery Euro numbers over nine weeks. Next year EuroMillions had jackpot worth €183 million. This euro lottery spoils were shared among winners in Portugal, & France. The EuroMillions lottery euro numbers of £91,141,671.00 was split into two parts. The first part was won by a couple and the other part taken away by a team of seven IT professionals who shared the spoils.

In 2009, euro lottery numbers again scaled new peaks when a young woman from Spain got the jackpot worth €126,231,764. To win the euro lottery she went through a sum of six consecutive games. This was achieved despite being unwell. No wonder she left her job promptly after the win.

Numbers of euro lottery were also cracked in the German National Lottery. The result of this Euro lottery was a sum of €37,688,292 during Oct’06. France was not left far behind. This year during the summer, a euro lottery sum of €24,000,000 was won. The largest euro lottery jackpot was shared between two winners. Euro lottery numbers were cracked again in Belgian Lottery with a booty of €7,000,000 in Oct’06. The Irish National Lottery also contributed a big chunk of the booty of euro lottery results. It promised a result euro lottery worth €2 million for its bi-weekly draws. In Jun’08, sixteen workers of a plant cracked the second biggest Irish National Lottery. The booty amounted to €18,963,441 and was split between the co workers.

Playing the EuroMillions requires only two pounds per game. The games are held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Firstly, a day has to be chosen to play. Five numbers in the range of 1- 50 and 2 lucky numbers in between 1 – 11 are chosen. Players can also ask for a lucky dip and also book the play up to a month in advance. Though EuroMillion is a separate game in every country, the euro lottery prize is shared between the member countries.

There are separate playing conditions set for Euromillions and Millionaire Raffle. These game rules are available online in the national lottery website as well as with all leading retailers in the country. The odds of a win are one out of thirteen. Out of each game, around 9% of the profit money was reserved for future jackpot funding. This ensured reduced liability on the gaming organizations during lottery payoffs. The online euro lottery jackpot calculation is complex and it varies both on the number of participants as well as currency exchange rates.

Despite the huge fan following, there are numerous cases of frauds related to online lottery in Europe. This happens when someone receives a mail in their mailbox asking for bank account or credit card information and informing the person that she is the lucky winner of the latest Superlotto! When all the confidential is shared, the victim finds that the money has been fraudulently withdrawn from his account. European Lottery Guild is spreading awareness of this and hopes to be on top of this issue pretty soon.

Italian Lottery Tips

The Italian lottery is among the most popular game in Italy. Unlike other lotteries in the world that people play to win, the Italian lottery is somehow special. The Italian lottery players have a passion in the game. This is seen by the enthusiasm that engulfs lottery players in Italy during the drawing for the Italian lottery jackpot.

Players of the Italian lottery can use some strategies to ensure that they walk home with the Italian lottery jackpot. One of the techniques that lottery players can learn from the Italians is using syndicates to increase the chances of winning the lottery. Although the use of lottery syndicates is common in the lottery word, the Italian lottery players takes it to a completely new level.

Italian lottery players pool their funds together and use the funds to purchase a large chunk of possible combinations for the Italian lottery. This strategy is backed by statistics, as it is logical that the larger the number combination pool the more the chances that one has of walking home with the lottery jackpot. The Italians believe that it is better taking getting a pie out of the jackpot prize than missing out completely on the lottery rewards.

Another smart move that Italian lottery players use is playing it simple. To date there is no proven way that is used to automatically win the lottery. Most lottery players mistake the tips to increasing your chances of winning the lottery to be the way that wins millions in terms of lottery jackpots.

Italians have a unique way of playing the lottery. Incase players miss the cash, all remains cool and players continue playing with the hope that the next lottery will bring in the jackpot. On the other hand a win does not always culminate with a players inviting in the press to show off the newly found wealth. Most players prefer remaining cool and avoid unnecessary interaction with the press. Through this, one gets the chance to better plan on what do with the found wealth.